PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyAndy Martin Architecture
Lead ArchitectAndy Martin

AMA’s concept for Chan, a ‘pan-Asian’ restaurant and bar at ‘The Met’ hotel Thessaloniki, Greece, is a lively fusion of modern aesthetic and traditional Asian motifs. The internal dining space is 230sqm and 150sqm for external dining in the hotels courtyard. Access to the restaurant via discreet entrances from the hotel and the street leads into the impressive and softly lit venue. AMA extensively researched their brief from ‘The Met’ with trips to Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia, trying to seek out the essence of distinctly modern Asian cuisine. The aim was to create a truly sumptuous atmosphere without the stereotypical visual references. The contrast between traditional and contemporary Asian culture and the duality that exists between the two were integrated into the design. The restaurant’s interior is conceived as a dynamic masculine space, with its furniture tactile and feminine. The seating is arranged in a central sculptural element that floats within the charcoal anodized box. The seating booths cater for two or for larger groups, as well as intricately crafted and luxurious semi-private seating. There lies a dramatic sense of layering within the space from the graphically lit wall panels, open grid ceilings, to the engraved detailing on the tables. Tattooed graphics on upholstery and 21st century ‘manga’ interpretations within the cocktail lounge; this becomes an experience of Asian street culture and cosmopolitan sophistication.