Enfin - Restaurant & Bar

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationJohor, Malaysia
Lead ArchitectJason Sim
Design TeamHao Wang Fion Hsu
ClientJames Won

Echoing the mod-glam days of the fifties, Enfin harks an era of style and statement up-to-date with the use of contemporary materials, finishes and design elements. Stepping through the entry passage and arriving in the restaurant’s reception lobby, the bare and cavernous commercial lot measuring 336 square metres in a downtown office tower is unrecognisable from its stark roots. A sliding screen of slim iron geometry weightlessly conceals the entry passage and marks the entrance from the lift lobby. Slid aside, patrons amble down an elevated walkway of polished copper that is flanked on both sides and across the ceiling by copper-plated steel bands. Another key feature in Enfin where the material is on a remarkable display is the spiral stairs that lead up to the private dining suite on a mezzanine level. Fitted with its own powder room, the suite is a highly exclusive room lit in glowing amber and embellished with the finest furnishings. Fittingly dramatic, the feature staircase that spiral up toward it is cladded with the same copper-plated bands. A sense of wonderment is evoked as one traipses along the steps that were painstakingly spray-painted individually for a sculptural effect. From the outside, the resulting effect of the bands and their glints of rose gold is that of a static chandelier, except for when silhouettes within are seen flickering among them as diners head up and down the stairs. The intimacy of the human scale is also exemplified in the dining pods that sit alongside each table in the dining hall. Ambient light is cast from a single glowing, opaque cube that is straddled over diners and affixed to a timber base that functions as an impeccable side-table for an overflow of tableware, or designer handbags. Stylishly fashioned, these functional pods create a cinematic effect to the restaurant’s interior.