PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Green architecture
University/SchoolNational Taipei University of Education
Lead ArchitectZhong Wei Lin, Prof. Li Kai-Chu, Chang Hsun-Yu
Design TeamLin Zhong-Wei, Prof. Li Kai-Chu, Chen Yu-Ting, Chang-Yen, Sun Yu-Chieh, Hsueh Kai-Chieh, Chang Hsun-Yu

SUPPLUS is a multi-functional material carton designed for war refugees. When the material carton is delivered to the local area, it can be folded into a toilet to solve the health concerns and environmental pollution caused by the lack of toilets. The inner layer of SUPPLUS contains vegetable seeds. When the interior of the toilet is being filled up with feces gradually, it forms a good natural fertilizer which penetrates the inner carton to nurture these vegetable seeds. The vegetables will grow up into the outer layer in 30 days, which can address the dietary needs of refugees.