Le Campus

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyVirserius Studio
Lead ArchitectTherese Virserius
Design TeamTherese Virserius Regina Virserius
ClientHyatt Regency Charles de Gaulle/Blackstone Group
Project Videohttp://

Le Campus is a Virserius Studio-designed collaborative space located at the Hyatt Regency Charles de Gaulle in Paris. As a venue transforming traditional ideas of a MICE (meetings, incentives, conference and events) space, it is already proving a viable option to professionals staying at the hotel or simply looking for a place to be inspired. The Hyatt owners and operators wanted something truly different for the hotel with the idea of going back to school, and approached V/S about designing a unique yet flexible space that could be used for work or social functions. The challenge was to create an optimal environment to boost cohesion, collaboration, and enable idea-sharing and solutions. With inspiration from the American college campus, V/S created an experience that is interactive, cool, and playful. Deliberate choices were made with the space planning. When one walks through, there are multiple opportunities to plop down to email, read, eat, play at one's leisure. The open spaces of Le Campus comprise its core, like its the social hub (la 'Pic-Nic') and the library where people can mingle, brainstorm and otherwise be together. The satellite offices and meeting spaces (called 'LABOs') form the perimeter, but allow easy access back to the core should one need to be more social. Le Campus is truly a space that encourages and supports that highly creative and participatory experience enjoyed by busy, on- the-move professionals who need to work, meet, and socialize during their time at the Hyatt Regency.