Hokkaido Dairy Farm Restaurant

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
CompanyAtelier E Limited
Lead ArchitectEnoch Hui
Design Team Amanda Chan, Hinson Siao
ClientHokkaido Dairy Farm
Project Videohttp://

The Hokkaido Dairy Farm Restaurant is in the process of revamping its franchise‘s identity and we have been appointed to update its outlet’s interior. The franchise stood out amongst similar local eatery with recipes that incorporate dairy product imported directly from Hokkaido; the resulting dishes are therefore definitely rooted in the local cuisine with a curious twist of traditional Hokkaido culture and flavour. Given the importance of the dairy product representing its identity, the interior and frontage design would draw elements from a typical dairy farm such as the straws, the pitched roof, the blue sky, the milk, the standalone post box etc. as its inspiration. These elements would also be distributed carefully to coincide with the corporate colours scheme which dictates a 50/30/20 split between the colour white, brown and blue. A series of timber trusses lined the ceiling in a loft fashion with a number of metal bars linear strip lights to form an abstracted roof and sky for the interior. Some gaps were intentionally left behind and were filled with traditional milk containers acting as shrouds for more artificial lights and mechanical ductwork. The exterior is similarly themed with timber panels and decorated with a relieved metal post box which serves as a takeaway window too. Typically the back of house occupies a substantial portion of such eatery however in this instance the impact is considerably lessen with wall-mounted mirror surrounds which provides produces a much airier interior space and helps also to preserve the visual symmetry of geometrically arranged interior elements.