PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationNew Delhi, India
CompanyNexus Design Integrated Pvt Ltd
Lead Architectdevesh bhatia, pratyay chakrabarti, nexus design integrated
Design Teamdevesh bhatia, pratyay chakrabarti
Project Videohttp://

Factory is inspired from it's name itself, this restaurant is built up around the theme of manufacturing and people working. A place that has been so run down with all the overworking manufacturing activity, is the central idea here. In a market surrounded by micro breweries, Factory has been developed as a place that manufactures beer. An entire character of a run down factory has been built up in 4 floors of the available space. Every element here is in complete sync with the overall theme. The color pallet, wall textures and material all flow together to form this space. Being done in an existing building a lot of slabs had to be punctured and removed to create different levels. Mild steel has been used to create new sub levels. Existing walls were scarped off and raw brick work was exposed and chiseled to get the right texture