[Dubbeldam Inc. Architecture + Design - Flow House - COVER IMG] Photo by Riley Snelling

Flow House

Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Project locationToronto, Ontario, Canada
CompanyDubbeldam Inc. Architecture + Design
Lead ArchitectHeather Dubbeldam
Design TeamAndrew Snow, Scott Sampson, Omkar Kulkarni, Gigi Presentey

The inspiration for the renovation of a 130-year-old Victorian home for a ceramist was influenced by the client’s connection to sculpture and pottery. The rectilinear exterior gives way to fluid forms on the interior, creating a feeling of expansion within the small footprint and bringing an element of surprise to an older home. Tactility and a sense of craft were foundational in the design, evident in details such as the curved smoothing of right angles and the choice of materials and fixtures. The curved central stair with skylight above further enhances the house’s sculptural sensibility.