Officine Abarth

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm Locationroma, Italy
Companycastellano e gotti associati
Lead Architect Massimiliano Gotti Porcinari
Design TeamGiovanni Castellano,Filippo Seganti, Elisabetta Taviani
ClientFCA - fiat chrysler automobiles

The “Officine Abarth” projected for the last international auto show in Geneva (March 2016), has been awarded La mention spéciale du Creativity Award 2016 - catégorie: coup de coeur du jury du Club de publicité et de communication de Genève. The stand, displays an extremely material feature given by the employment of warm materials, such as bricks enamelled white or the visible concrete in different shades of grey. The use of industrial iron sheets, metallic wrestled nets lied over other materials visible junctures and weld joints create a simply real and evocative atmosphere of the Abarth’s world and history. The Officine Abarth are timeless spaces, made with iron girders, raw concrete, sheets polished by the many tyres that have ridden over them, wire mesh and workbenches where every day human intelligence marries with the ability of hand work. A handcraft laboratory rich in raw materials and for this reason naturally elegant. Carlo Abarth’s heritage is made of this: the pleasure of touching with hand and perceive with a naked eye the dedication that can be found in every single car. A space rich in history but always projected into the future. The Officine Abarth are the place where still today technology and tradition merge to search absolute performance, and materialize the concept of passion.