Jesus Meets Showgirls

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationDusseldorf , Germany
Lead Architectreginadahmeningenhoven. architektur für das 21. jahrhundert
Project Videohttp://

For redesigning this established pharmacy in munich reginadahmeningenhoven choose the theme that water is attributed a healing effect. Deep blue and radient surfaces characterise the salesroom and consistently reflect the wet element. The wall’s organic curves were printed with glittering photo wallpaper featuring the motif of ocean’s surface and are fully backlit. Built-in shelves frame the whole scenario. A significant design module ist the ceiling, which with freely arranged points and strips of light projects water- like plays of light onto the shining floor. Detached movable white service counters appear like stones on the bottom of the sea and integrate into the shop concept. The relocation of the drugs storeroom with an automatic selector to the basement allowed for the extension of the salesroom.