Soundrise Pavilion

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationTaoyuan, Taiwan
CompanyGudc, Taiwan
Lead ArchitectDavid Hsiao
ClientSoundRise Construction Co.,ltd.

In Taiwan's real estate market, it's a popular approach to promote new-rising projects with a sophisticated showroom presenting the spatial designs.The genre has seen many great temporary spaces, and our design is one-of-a kind in this category. The pavilion is a temporary showroom for pre- sale of our client's latest building project. Besides displaying and selling future interior designs, we aim to inspire a sense of quality life, by creating a friendly place with a touch of cultural elements. In this beautiful neighborhood where the pavilion is located, we have created a friendly hub open to every passing neighbors. During the one-year duration, people are welcome to come in for a short break, reading a short story with a cup of fine coffee. Surrounding bookshelves, sofa and coffee bar in the lobby suggest an ambient yet subtle scene, illustrating the group we aim to inspire, the ones with a great taste, who seeks in HOME a place to relax, to think, or just spend time with family and friends! A fine collection of the client's past works are shown on route to the apartment showrooms on 2nd floor, creating an instant art gallery on the linear path. Considering the project's location within the airport area, we mostly design small-unit apartments for potential residents such as pilots or business travelers. Their stay might be short, but they feel right at home in the chic interior space of a hotel style service apartment. The pavilion shows more style than the place, which successfully attracted visitors and boosted pre- sale of the project.