Flowing Crystals

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
Lead ArchitectGolden Ho
Design TeamGolden Ho, Ming Leung, Ying Leung, Jiali Lau, Hui Chan, Yahui Yeung
ClientWuhan Poly Real Estate Group Co

This is a polygon construction of indoor more beam structure and hollow. Project from space of like spectacular volcanic eruption to gain inspired, simulate crustal movement, to create crystal concept. Breakthrough regular pattern space, and wake up and inspire people perception of space and imagination. People seem to stay among the earth's crust, personally experience golden Stainless Steel Plate and Piano paint white plate under the effect of crustal movement, and deformed, hot magma broke through rock confining pressure, instant gushing. In the space, material and spatial organization reflects the volcano imprint, body Like to feel shockwave and the ground shaking shock. lava heat waves flows rolling from ceiling to wall. Vertical stacking silver white wood texture, presents a unique shadow falls, and atomized space. Visitors looking at the wall, as if seeing flowing of the minerals. Ceiling, walls and cylinder was carefully cut, by the action of light, produce refracted, let the space exudes a dazzling diamond fire color. Origin ground the height difference, with lines to repair, regular space, form scattered islands' chat area of hierarchical structured. Ordered seat, freely scattered in every corner of the island. sofa is boundaries of between islands and the islands. The space shows an original wild charm contest.