Murray Hill Residence

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm Location10012, United States
CompanyReddymade Architecture & Design Pllc
Lead ArchitectSuchi Reddy
Design Team Cristina Milleur
Project Videohttp://

Having purchased two adjoining co-op units with awkward layouts, and varying ceiling heights, the client commissioned us to transform the 3,300-square-foot space into a super stylish and open loft-like home. Given the windows on three exposures and access to the adjoining roof, the design was centered around light. The spaces were organized so that every view led the eye to the outdoors. Balancing the feeling of light in the center of the space is a sculptural folded plane of translucent concrete that houses the bar and wine cellar. Electric glass that goes from clear to opaque separates the study and master shower, offering a clear view through to the rear windows. The design concept incorporates color, texture and a little sparkle and shine per the client’s request. The material palette includes grey wood floors paired with travertine walls, concrete, back painted glass and quartzite counters. The light fixtures in particular were selected as “jewelry” in the space and include works by Frank Gehry, Thaddeus Wolfe , Ingo Maurer , and Christian Wassmann. Design commissions by Jeff Zimmerman and Nucleo grace the foyer , creating a chic entry statement.