Yulman Residence

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm Location10012, United States
CompanyReddymade Architecture & Design Pllc
Lead ArchitectSuchi Reddy
Design TeamHyeonjung Lee, Jameela Derrick
Project Videohttp://

Our client, relocating from Coral Gables, Miami to a 12,000-square-foot house on Sunset Island, on the water, asked us to modernize the interior, while preserving its character, and conceive a decorative scheme that would inspire him to use every room. Built in 1939, by a Cuban sugar baron, the house called “Sweet spot” is a charming architectural hybrid, combining Cuban Colonial and Hollywood Regency details. It has six bedrooms, eight- and-a-half baths, and an elevator, along with a saltwater pool, a dock, and lush landscaping with orchids, magnolias, and palms. A fan of contemporary architecture, our client also enjoys contemporary art and design. This interest, along with the colors and sheer beauty of the water and gardens, served as our inspiration when conceiving the home’s interior. Each of the rooms is visually distinct, but all share a playful elegance, and the views from one room to the next are carefully calibrated to make it feel like a visual exploration that leads one through the house. The concept is a careful balance of art, architecture and design. Every object is treated as sculpture and carefully placed in its context. We recreated the main stair in the entry to emphasize its sinuous curves in soft venetian plaster, around a 17 foot long light installation by acclaimed artist Pae White.