Williamson Residence

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm Location10012, United States
CompanyReddymade Architecture & Design Pllc
Lead ArchitectSuchi Reddy
Design TeamHyeonjung Lee, Tamara Benveniste
Project Videohttp://

A young couple moving uptown from downtown commissioned us to renovate a sprawling and luminous 6,000 square foot apartment in a pre- war co-op with four exposures, into their new home. Their brief to us was to bring a cool “ downtown chic” vibe to the apartment and that it be functional and beautiful, both in equal parts, filled with furniture, objects and art that would inspire them and reflect their vision. The design concept is based on a complex interplay between art, architecture, collectible design and furniture. Each room is designed to be anchored by both art and design pieces that were carefully selected, each finely tuned to the proportions of each room. A 60 foot long hallway unites the two halves of the apartment and is the centrepiece of the design. A 50-foot-long metallic rug by Hechizoo anchors the space and grades from bright blue on one end to pure silver on the other, acting as a beautiful spine that connects every space. The views from each room to the next are carefully curated so that the eye is guided from one beautiful design object to the next. For instance, the view from the living room into the hallway is set up so that the visual transition is from a vintage string light to the texture of a Frank Thiel painting and a custom walnut and bronze bar designed around a quasi cabinet by Aranda Lasch. The view into the dining room centers on an amazing chandelier made of dandelions by Fragile Futures.