Meltzer Residence

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm Location10012, United States
CompanyReddymade Architecture & Design Pllc
Lead ArchitectSuchi Reddy
Design Team David Cook, Jameela Derrick

This project was a renovation of 2,400 square foot Tribeca loft with a view of downtown Manhattan including the new One World Trade Center. The client is an art collector and former gallerist with twin seven year olds, a boy and a girl. The program needed to accommodate redesigning the kitchen to define it as a separate space while keeping it open to the living area, redesigning the master suite to accommodate an office, converting a guest room into a bedroom for the twins , and redoing the bathrooms. The design concept draws on the client’s love of graphics and color to delineate shapes within each space and create functional separations. The kitchen, redesigned as a sparkling white space has a hot pink bar that slides in and out of the island to transform it from a family space to an entertaining area that accommodates bartenders and caterers. The new dining area, relocated within the living area is centered around a color block wall graphic by artist Kate Shepherd. The office space is delineated from the bedroom by a series of rectangular wood shapes assembled to create storage and separation from the sleeping space which is designed as an off-white space with soft textures. The twins’ bedroom has two areas, delineated by overscale block graphics of pink and black, and tucks in two beds separated by a “peekaboo” storage wall . The bathrooms are both designed as variations on a theme of black and white graphics. The master bathroom is inspired by line drawings and becomes a series of black lines on a white ground, and the powder room with a modern black and white toile depicting a modern day superheroine draws on the aesthetics of graphic novels .