Park Mavera Sales Suite

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationIstanbul, Turkey
CompanyGonye Proje Tasarim
Lead ArchitectYELIN EVCEN

In Istanbul it is nearly an absolute must to build up designer made sales offices for residental projects. They really have quite strong impact on the customers and give so many hints about the actual projects quality and the target audience. What Park Mavera Sales Office really sells is a housing project but still there has to be a connection that needs to be bonded with the customer and the product. The given design briefs were capsulised as modern homelike ambiance with warm lighting and textures but since this is particularly a functioning office project, the design languages “cosy” and “neat” needed to be gathered together. The main object for this sales office was to create a real hospitable space to experiment the most efficacious connection between the seller and customers. Intentionally there are no standart sellers desks and task chairs in the design, except the accountings office. Instead of distancing seller and the guest by placing a work desk between them, cosy lodges are designed. Lodges vary in furnishing as dining concepts or lounge style sitting settlements. Sales persons are fully mobile, they are using laptops and catalogues during the presentations and screens for presentations are installed. Towards the corporate identity and the projects concept, color palette contains mostly greens, yellows and warm whites. The ambiance also got enriched and upscaled with materials such as brass, backlighted onyx and black marbles. Some unique design pieces got involved like Artemide lighting fixtures, brass Nomon wall clocks combined with the polished black marble. The carpets used in the project were custom made. Anthracite colored decorative paints on seperator panels are creating contrast with brass bars while the acoustic oak panels are softening the ambience. The main decorative walll is covered with silk fabric, leather, backlighted onyx marble and brass profiles.