Gotham West

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanySPAN Architecture
Lead ArchitectJean-Gabriel Neukomm
Design Team Karen Stonely, Peter Pelsinski, Zeb Nelessen, Gregg Hittler, Amanda Waal, Alan Ho, Elizabeth Oder

The site on West 45th Street has transformed into one of the largest residential developments in Manhattan in decades. Gotham West demonstrates that complex, large-scale affordable housing developments are difficult, but also still possible in New York. The $520 million, four building project includes 556 market-rate rentals in a 31-story tower that will help pay for the affordable units and generate $20 million for affordable housing elsewhere in the city. We joined the project to design market apartments, public hallways and most importantly, a collection of large amenity spaces to be situated on the ground floor. The mandate from the developer, Gotham Organization, was to leave the large space open, allow it to serve as an extension of people’s homes and also act as an in house hospitality environment. Our solution focused on building overlapping zones of program within the primary amenity spaces to extend the possible types of inhabitation within the larger areas. Custom pieces of furniture are architecturally scaled to divide the space into separate social areas. Hearth, Trellis, Bench and Steamer trunks are transformed into totemic objects deployed in a field that are neither strictly architectural or furniture. The upper gardens pergola reaches down and produces a hanging fretwork that segregates the gallery from the lounges. The gallery itself showcases local talent and is curated regularly. There is a sense of exclusivity but it is not cut off from the public spaces by use of a veil like slatted wall, creating a visual flirtation with the private club from the public spaces. Doorknockers, wall sconces, vanities, vanity lights and kitchen millwork were original production pieces for the building. It is a special complex that highlights the cities top artisans and fabricators, catering to all generations and reviving a lost district into a thriving community.