British Council - Salitre

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationBogota, Colombia
CompanyArquint Colombia
Lead ArchitectMarcela Lopez
Design Team Felipe Velasquez Andres Gutierrez Daniel Talero Felipe DeFrancisco Felipe Carvajal
ClientBritish Council

The British Council in Bogotá worked with our company to design the new Salitre site of their Educational Spaces. The project was done in 800m2, that were divided between front office classroom areas, and Back of House Office space of the teachers and support staff. Different colors were used throughout the space to accent the different spaces, Yellow was used for administration, blue was used for classrooms and green was used for the back of house. Generating a colorful experience in the space. This was all achieved while working with the British Council´s Brand and Workplace teams. Project Designs were completed in two months, and construction took 3 months to complete.