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Mi Pan

Firm LocationSan Pedro Garza García, Mexico
Lead ArchitectAlejandro Peña Villarreal
Design TeamAlejandro Peña Villarreal (Head Architect), Ana Rebeca Mata (Architect), May Cisneros (Industrial Design), Jose María Cuevas (Architect)
ClientGrupo Mi Pan

Visits to the bakery live in the memory of all Mexicans. With more than 40 years, Mi Pan has reached thousands of families, breaking barriers between generations and baking for everyone. The concept of Mi Pan comes from its heart, its kitchen. There we experience the magic and talent of the bakers who piece by piece shape each loave. Trays are used throughout the bread baking process, to reflect the freshness of the product we incorporate them into the store. The design of Mi Pan focuses on creating community, respecting, and honoring the traditional Mexican bakeries.