[ATMOSPHERE Architects - KVK City Concept Store  - COVER IMG] Design Firm: ATMOSPHERE Architects

KVK City Concept Store

Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Project locationChengdu, China
CompanyATMOSPHERE Architects
Lead ArchitectTommy Yu
Design Team April Lo, Chloe Chen, Mao Mao

There are many elements about "conflict", "consciousness awakening", "aggression" and "sharpness" in KVK's product concept. In the space design, materials and colors with different light and shade, depths and textures are selected to express the ideology and beauty of "collision" in the core of the brand through the extension of the mirrors. The wall-mounted display system combines the functions of display and lightening by drawing and pulling together with lighting. When the "drawers" are pulled out, the light turns on immediately, so the interest is enhanced through the array arrangement.