Ruihong Apartment, The Gallery

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectHongjun Lin

HWCD was invited to design a show home apartment for the property development "The Gallery". As its name suggests, the client intends to introduce more artistic elements to the overall design and create a look and feel that carries more individuality. The finished product should awake the artist within each and every one of us, and the approach should be witty and imaginative rather than academic. Stepping into the apartment, one immediately sense sophistication and tranquility. Blue and white set the tone. Feather and angelic female figures appear throughout the space, creating a leitmotif of other-worldliness, injecting a doze of personality to this development. In the dining room, blue velvet chairs sit next to smoked glass table top, creating interesting contrast with material and texture. Backed by the marble wall panel, mirrored rim and flanked by the mystic painting of winged female, diners seated in this pace cannot help but absorb the delicateness of a masterly touch. The colour scheme continues into the living room, where two oversized oil paintings immediately catch one's attention. The artworks, moody and personal, were themed and created to break away from decorative abstraction, which is overused in luxury properties nowadays. The delicate brass trim details on furniture and fittings compensate the moodiness with a touch of glamour. In the two bedrooms, the designer opted out of the oversized headboard to make room for more interesting compositions. For instance, in the master bedroom, a screen of Chinoiserie drawings takes the place of the headboard; its oriental crane theme echoes the wings motif in the living and dining rooms. And in the study, the orientally inspired bookcase juxtaposes "Ex-Libris" wallpaper and a screen of medieval knight, re-enforcing the design brief of being witty and imaginative.