168 Davenport

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationToronto, Canada
CompanyTaylor Hannah Architect
Lead ArchitectDee Dee Eustace
Design TeamCristina Simoes
Project Videohttp://

168 Davenport is a semi-detached single family home with both a live and work space, situated on a commercial street in mid-town Toronto. The 7 level home has a delta of 22 feet from street façade to lane, making it a new hybrid of building. The roof garden sports a mechanical penthouse for 20 percent of the façade. Coupled with zero setbacks, the limestone face runs from the curtain wall windows to the side door entrance. Hardie Cementitious Panels span across the remaining building, including the cantilevered covered portico of the residential entrance. The office entrance is street accessible by metal grate stairs inset into a limestone pit to a full walkout lower level. One level down from the office is a home library with perfect north window exposure and a ceiling height of 11 feet with custom bookcases incorporating white gables and black revealed floating shelves. This sits on top of a two car garage with heated concrete floors that extend out onto the exterior parking pad.