Penthouse Rublevskoye

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationMoscow, Russian Federation
CompanyFedorova Architects
Lead ArchitectAlexandra Fedorova
Design TeamSergei Kaliuta Irina Gubskaya

The apartment is on the top floor of the club house. The volume of the total area about 250 square m. It was formed by combining two apartments per floor, which made it possible to allocate more than half of the entire space under the day area. In addition, there appeared another advantage – a circular panorama of Moscow. The apartment consists of a large common area kitchen- dining -living area. The living room is the main place of the apartment, so the interior of the living room has interesting design accents, such as a rack and turning wooden panel. The task was to create working area in the public space, close to the family, but it should be able to isolate it from the rest. We proposed an original way to solve the problem: to transform the space with the help of turning wood panels that not only cope with the task but also complicate the space, make it a rhythmic pattern. In a private area, there are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The customers have dreamed of a modern, but warm and unobtrusive interior, as well as the compulsory use of natural materials. Therefore, in the decoration designers combine multiple textures - from wood and stone to brick and blackened copper. The result was an eco-version of modern style that will never get bored. The color palette of the interior is dominated by warm shades: milk, beige, tan. To establish the balance it is also used cold palette of grays. In addition, the combination of tan and gray - looks very noble and elegant.