The 13Th Sense

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationTehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Lead ArchitectReza Mafakher
ClientMr. Valizadeh

Traditional Iranian residential architecture holds a warm atmosphere with interior and exterior spaces which include personal and public spaces shared between the residents. Today, what is remained from these significant designs are just our ancestor’s narrations or the albums of memories. The architecture comprised allocated spaces for all the probable requirements of residents. The design provides the comfort and coziness for them while offering the pleasure to guests. The 13th sense project represents the old-style Iranian houses with modern appearance. The project is a 183 m2 apartment on the third level of a building located at the 13th Street of Yousef-Abad, in Tehran. The interior renovation started October 2014 and was completed by May 2015. according to the core idea of design the heart of the house is the entrance where residents face the dividing wall which reminds of “Hashti” concept – an Iranian traditional sitting area and entryway that defines a semi-private space before entering the house. This space is is shaped by a wall extended from the ceiling into a bench. Another element of Iranian traditional architecture is an intimate area for gathering residents with a light heating system, called "Korsi". With a modern language, the designer defines this concept by creating a fireplace. Another practice taken from the traditional architecture is the design of the kitchen. In the past, the kitchen known as “matbakh” was located in a room outside of the house, a place for preparations. The designer has renewed the idea of “matbakh” into an little inner space into the modern kitchen. This space separates the daily activities from the occasional preparations. Finally to unify the theme, a strong connection is implemented between the architecture and the furniture.