Tower House ... A Space That Embraces The Sensuality

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationNizza Monferrato (Asti), Italy
CompanyAM+D alessandromarchelli+designers
Lead ArchitectAlessandro Marchelli
Project Videohttp://

The work stands as restructuring and recovery of a second floor and attic, located in a building of the '700, patrimony UNESCO. The entire project concept has been developed, trying to satisfy the background and needs of the customer, combining the functionality of the spaces with the aesthetics and mixing heat in silence sophisticated of color. Every element has been designed and shaped to make this unique house, from the stair "helicoidal-linear" self- supporting, suspended in the ether, made by masters of wrought iron in version high-tech, mixed with the art of the Masters of the resin creating a visual effect with unparalleled lighting hidden in the handrail, to living area with fireplace convex flush with the wall and backlit, restoration and total recovery of the ceiling with wooden warping '700, from cabinet makers mixed with plaster works. An unconventional structure that brings at the attic... A view at breakneck speed of the sky line on two windows along the bottom of the living great they offer to the eye la big "tower" of the historic center. The space is a mix of sensations created by lights, light colors, white and gray soft that blend with the interior design, curtains, shades and perfect light strands that leave open of the imagination to the eyes and emotions. A sliding door a mirrors by access to 'open space of the master bedroom with spa area overlooking directly outdoor with a large window The house is much more than just a space, but it is a place with its own life and its own memory, an attractive blend of sensation, of habits, of discoveries, which result in sophisticated earners tactile, sensitive, visual, olfactory, as tiny and sophisticated mechanisms of communication between people who live here and the objects and architecture who create it.