[Dubbeldam Inc. Architecture + Design - Binary Spectrum - COVER IMG] Photo by Riley Snelling

Binary Spectrum

Firm LocationToronto, Canada
CompanyDubbeldam Inc. Architecture + Design
Lead ArchitectHeather Dubbeldam
Design TeamScott Sampson, Courtney Ho, Krystal Kramer
ClientPerimeter Development Corporation

Created for a lobby atrium in silicon valley north, Binary Spectrum is a site-specific installation that explores the region’s history of manufacturing and its transformation to a growing tech hub. The three-storey kinetic installation, made of 8,000 coloured discs on 650 cables, sway as people move through the space, reflecting the energy of the building’s inhabitants. Myriad patterns formed through different perspectives provide a new experience with each angle; whether viewed from the exterior, from below or from the upper floor, visitors can engage with the installation in unique ways.