Istra House

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationMoscow, Russian Federation
CompanyFedorova Architects
Lead ArchitectAlexandra Fedorova
Design TeamPolina Fedorova Sergei Kaliuta
Project Videohttp://

The house is designed for two or three family - this is family of customer, his brother and the older generation of grandparents. All public areas are placed on the ground floor. Here are placed living room, kitchen, fireplace area, swimming pool, guest rooms. The central element is a spacious hall. The ground floor rooms are equipped for parents so they dont use a stairs for raise on the first floor. On the first floor there are bedrooms for all other family members. The house has a basement, where in addition to the technical equipment located bar, wine cellar and a billiard room. The house has a first floor with a very high ceiling. And if in the ladder area formed a beautiful light, in the bedroom went out disproportion: very high ceiling for such areas. For this has been made entresol, and it was not just cabinet where folded rarely used things, and full levels, which are located wardrobes, system of storage, bathroom and toilet. The floor on the ground floor is decorated with a stone, and the walls in some places are finished with wood.