[SPAN Architecture - Zeckendorf Towers - COVER IMG] Photo by Eric Laignel

Zeckendorf Towers

Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanySPAN Architecture
Lead ArchitectPeter Pelsinski
Design TeamLaura Pembroke

Zeckendorf Towers, a civic historic anchor, was renovated to embrace the tower tops’ distinct pyramidal forms and interior geometries. The structures cavernous spaces unfurl with new dramatic connections that address the challenge to maintain its grandeur, now two thirds its original size. An invitingly warm palette referencing the 80s, of honey-browns and brass metals is accompanied by pops of burgundy, blue, yellow and onyx on a neutral background. The style is accentuated by the delicate, daring futuristic patterning completing a timeless interior ready to serve the vibrant community.