[MIA Design Studio - Mr.Green's Office - COVER IMG] The al fresco living/ Oki Hiroyuki

Mr.Green's Office

Firm LocationHo Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Project locationHo Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
CompanyMIA Design Studio
Lead ArchitectNguyen Hoang Manh
Design TeamConcept Design: Nguyen Quoc Long Technical Design: Bui Hoang Bao

Under the rapid development of urban areas, green areas are gradually lost and replaced by high-rise buildings. The idea of "Outdoor office" was formed to help workers "escape" from limited and constrained spaces. An office in a building with a reception hall and waiting area is arranged like a small botanical garden. Cool tones of metal creates a contrast that adds elegance, simplicity. This "outdoor lobby garden" makes people lose the feeling of being cramped and stuffy. The living room and meeting room are located in the garden courtyard, creating privacy and reducing glare at noon.