Colabora CUN

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
CompanyDOS Jaime Guzmán Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectJaime Guzman Corcuera
Design TeamFernando Rodriguez, Jorge Desentis, Cesar Quetzal Rodriguez, Juan Pablo Salgado, Manuel Sanchez, Jay Ranjit

Invoking to accomplish a perfect balance between privacy and community, the spaces summon a futuristic vision that engages clients to develop their professional projects independently. The crisscrossing circulation layout encourages people to connect and strike a conversation or accomplish a task with ease. Unique highlights and sizzling transitions between specific zones embellish a rousing ambience. An integration of wood in a miscellaneous manner energizes the interiors with a classy warmth. The interior fractions, merged by fully and partially customizable spaces.