Los Angeles River Habitable Bridge Project

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design /
Firm LocationLos Angeles, United States
Lead ArchitectPablo Osorio and Maria Kuzminskaia
Design TeamPablo Osorio, Maria Kuzminskaia, and Paul Helmle
Project Videohttp://

It aims to connect pedestrians, communities, public art, parks, and natural habitats together at one main location. The proposed habitable bridge is a gateway and a local destination in the form of a suspended horizontal mega structure making a multitude of connections to its evolving urban fabric, its established local communities, and its delicate native ecosystems. It is detached from the existing historic viaduct. It also anticipates the future reduction of private motor vehicles in downtown Los Angeles and the increase of urban density. Therefore, bicycle lanes, public transportation, ridesharing, autonomous vehicles, and private mobility services are expected to reshape the urban landscape. It proposes the allocation of new functions to the city’s existing roads, parking lots, and infrastructure. The project places the rehabilitation of the Los Angeles River, the development of its surrounding infrastructure, and the improvement of its open spaces at the heart of its general vision. Consequently, it aims to connect directly to future transportation networks/systems and green public spaces along the river. And, it anticipates and proposes a coordinated redevelopment effort of this region striking a balance between architecture, existing infrastructure, nature, new technologies, art, diversity, and the increase of urban density in the city of LA