Shenzhen International Vanke Hesong Pavilion

Firm LocationChongqing, China
CompanyGND Jiedi Landscape Design
Lead ArchitectQiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng, Li Bing
Design TeamDeveloper team: Qi Lin, Wu Zhitong, Hu Shuang, Ji Huimin, Zhang Xiexin, Jiang Xue, Lai Yiming, Li Sen Design Team: Zhou Wen, Dai Jianli, Zeng Fengling, Luo Chuyi, Liu Zhifeng, Yan Xingxing, Yuan Xuepei, Guo Shuqi, Chen Jiarong,Mo Benying ,Ye Xuerui
ClientVanke Southern Area丨Vanke Shenzhen

In this project, GND design, which is responsible for the landscape design, takes this as a blueprint to consider the integration of streets, buildings, landscapes, interiors and activities, forming a space layout with a square outside and a courtyard inside, creating a rhythmic space atmosphere, and making every effort to create the beauty of natural artistic conception. Through the extraction and superposition of natural elements such as mountains, canyons, and streams, it has successfully created a garden-like living experience.