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AMLI Miramar Park

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture /
Firm LocationBoca Raton, United States
CompanyLandscape Design Workshop
Lead ArchitectErez Bar-Nur
Design TeamMichiyo Fujita
Project Videohttp://

The common area in AMLI Miramar Park rental community aspire to be more than just the transitional space between one’s apartment and one’s car. Landscape Design Workshop set up to create an outdoor environment that provides a quality of life typically associated with home ownership. The common area is located in the open space nestled between the surrounding buildings. It is composed of a series of distinct spaces that are interconnect and seamlessly flow into each other. The garden spaces are more intimate and provide an opportunity for quiet contemplation whereas the clubhouse and the pool area offer the opportunity to socialize. Visit Landscape Design Workshop's Website