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HOU Bowen, S&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH)

Classical Images and Album of Paintings: Concept Derivation and Implementation Strategies of A Ten-Bridge Project on Chishan Lake

Firm LocationNanjing City, China
Project locationJurong City, Jiangsu Province, China
CompanyS&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH)
Lead ArchitectSHEN Yang, YU Haiyang
Design TeamSHI Yanrui, WENG Jinxin (Architecture); LAN Feng, YANG Qian, HE Chusheng, CAO Fei (Structure)
ClientJurong Chishan Lake Management Council

This project aims to explore potential feasible methods of capturing views like those found in classical garden painting albums and improving the natural landscape through the construction of ten bridges in the Chishan Lake Water Conservancy Scenic Area. As a result, the design eschews the typical way that based on research and analysis, takes Chinese traditional farming and fishing as its core experience narrative instead. Following the metaphor of the bridges, one can not only experience the wetland, but also achieve spiritual enlightenment under the support of the natural environment.