Y Hotel, Sanya, China

Firm LocationChongqing, China
Project locationJiyang District, Sanya, Hainan Province, China
Lead ArchitectLi Hui
Design TeamZhang Li, Zhao Dongge, Tang Zhiyang, Zhang Pan, Li Li, Li Yue, Liu Siyu, Zhang Shuzhen, Li Miao, Wang Liru, Song Zhaobing, Yao Songhua, Dai Biao

The project is located in Nanxia Mountain, Jiyang District, Sanya. It is a home-stay hotel in the residential area, which provides people with accommodation and other services. Sanya is famous for its beautiful and vast sea view.However, Y hotel is far way from the sea, and isolated from the noise of the outside world because of the rolling mountains and forests.After analyzing the atmosphere of this site, the landscape design decides to adopt the concept of ‘ simple but spiritual’, and create a quiet place.This place, which can comfort the soul, is attracting more people.