Movable City Activator/Plug-in Garden

Firm LocationShehzhen, China
CompanySED Landscape Architects Ltd.
Lead ArchitectJianfeng Huang
Design TeamXianghui Chen,Haobin Feng,Xinrui Zou,Hengyang Ma,Zhongyong Mao,Jianhui Zhu,Qixing Ye,Zefen Chen,Weiguo Chen,Zhenxin Wen,Hao Wang,Bi Wang,Yujia Chen,Zexuan Zhu,Zhi Li,Meiyun Jiang,Qian Zeng,Cheng Jiang,Xin Liu,Huahua Ning,Zhuoyue Wang,Liming Zhang,Zeyu Ji,.Meixia Hu

PLUG-IN GARDEN, located in Lianhuashan Park of Futian District, Shenzhen, represents Luohu District in the Bougainvillea spp. show of the city. It is designed to present an inclusive dialogue between the city and nature.The recycling of PLUG-IN GARDEN will enhance the happiness of the neighborhood residents, allowing them to reexamine the beauty of the city and activate the joy of life. At the same time, this concept of recycling will be imperceptibly conveyed to more people, so that they can intuitively experience this ecological and low-carbon way of old city activation.