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The Theater Square/ Aleksanar Milutinović

Reconstruction and urban design of the Theater Square in Novi Sad

Firm LocationNovi Sad, Serbia
Project locationNovi Sad, Serbia
Lead ArchitectDjordje Bajilo
Design TeamJadranka Bugarski Vujović, Milija Čakarević, Dragana Betos

The Theater Square is located in the old town’s core of Novi Sad in the pedestrian zone. The total area is 8110 m². The idea of the project was to provide quality spaces for socialization and custom-made urban design. The project includes the complete reconstruction of infrastructure, paving, public and decorative lighting, horticulture, and urban furniture. An important element is marking the memory of the old urban matrix. A 'memorial lane' of Corten steel which is incorporated in paving, marks the line of former facades of demolished buildings. The green areas are significantly increased.