Corner Pocket House

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Small Architecture
Firm LocationCulver City, United States
CompanyEdward Ogosta Architecture
Design Team Edward Ogosta, AIA LEED AP
ClientAlison & Jeff Goad

The Corner Pocket House is a complete transformation of a cramped 1950’s bungalow into a newly invigorated contemporary dwelling for a five-person family. Through a number of strategically restrained moves, the house resolves its active corner condition to create an intimate pocket of luminosity, atmosphere, and serenity. Sited adjacent to a busy suburban intersection, the project was shaped by a variety of challenging physical, experiential, and regulatory forces. The client strongly desired to buffer the house from street noise, yet requested large openings between a new living / dining / kitchen space and the outdoors. Local codes limited the available building envelope with increased setbacks, height limits, and tree ordinances. In order to economize the budget, most of the existing house area was to remain as well. The design succinctly resolves these challenges through a series of straightforward operations and simple forms. The house’s long street elevation is buffered by an interior lining of cabinetry, forming a thickened acoustical barrier. Large folding glass doors allow the main common room to be dramatically opened to the tree-shaded courtyards. A simple palette of concrete, white oak millwork, smooth white plaster, and cement board fins seamlessly unifies the renovated and new spaces.