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Greenland·Children's interstellar

Greenland·Children's interstellar

Firm Location四川成都, China
Company成都翰景景观设计有限公司(hardgem design)
Lead Architect HaodongYuan(袁浩东)
Design TeamHaiyueLuo(罗海月)、ShiyunMo(莫诗芸)、HuilinZhang(张会淋)、SiyuRen(任思宇)、KechunWu(吴克春)、YangWang(王洋)、HaoshunLiu(刘豪顺)、YunfengMao(毛云峰)、XuefangJiang(蒋雪芳)、YuXiao(肖昱)

The future of the city is here. The future development depends on children. Greenland Wanzhou intercity space station creates an exclusive supporting children's activity site, which combines teaching with fun, satisfies children's curiosity and unleashes their imagination. The universe is the end of curiosity. Children always fantasize about going to the moon to see the sunrise, Mars to see the sunset, Venus to build a castle and Jupiter to have a party. We send a rally order to all children who love fantasy. Here, wanton dreams