Returning the Green

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationSingapore, Singapore
CompanyPark + Associates Pte Ltd
Lead ArchitectLim Koon Park
Design TeamChristina Thean, Yin Wing Yong, Nuntawat Tasanasangsoon, Adrian A. Gesmundo
ClientNanyang Girls' High School

Nanyang Girls’ High School, one of Singapore’s top public schools, was founded in 1917, and moved campuses several times until 1999 where it settled in its present location along Dunearn Road, in the heart of Singapore. The existing building, comprising of an iconic clock tower flanked by two blocks of colonial- influenced buildings that formalize in front of it a large green field and running track for students, has a landmark presence along the arterial roads. With alterations or additions to existing buildings, there is always an interesting tension between the new and the old. When considering the possible strategies to address the brief, it was apparent that the architectural approach should not be one that emulates the old, subservient to the legacy of the iconic institution. Neither should the existing school complex fade away, being simply the backdrop for the new extension. What we opted for instead, was a synergistic relationship between the old and the new – a duet performing in sync and in harmony.

We recognise the importance of people and the human experience in architecture. We understand the importance of architecture that has good bones. In every piece of design that we create, no matter the scale, we seek to create objects and spaces that resonate with the individual. Each project is customised and crafted with rigour through a painstaking process, building upon the clients expectations and challenging the studios body of work, whilst respectfully responding to the site context.