Central Mansion, Changzhou, China

Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
CompanyGuangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectHu Sun
Design TeamHu Sun, Yue Wang, Mingming Qin, Bangchen Kang, Wenchan Xu, Jinlan Zhang, Kai Wu, Ying Lin, Chi Cheng, Liming Chen, Haidong Wang, Chenxin Shen, Binbin Yao, Huiyan Yao
ClientCSCES Real Estate Co., Ltd.

The project is located adjacent to Changzhou Central Park, accessible for residents with convenient traffic. How to bring the park resource into the site and highlight the difference from surrounding residences is the core idea of the design. The project creates an interaction with the park and the forest, maximizes the value of the park nearby, extends the visual boundary of the park and provides more public space. The overall design respects the site, simulates nature, return landscape to the city, and creates an urban landscape painting. The beauty of nature can be enjoyed in prosperity.