Longfor Chunjiang Central, Changsha, China

Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
CompanyGuangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectHu Sun
Design TeamHu Sun, Zhiwei Liu, Si Luo, Xiaojun He, Yuting Li, Hai Ding, Xiang Gao, Zihao Ma, Mei Cai, Xiaqian Ren
ClientLongfor (Changsha) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

The project is located in the core area of Binjiang New Town CBD, Yuelu District, Changsha, China. The project intends to create a unique and comfortable vacation community, promoting a natural and ecological living concept. The design introduces the concept of Manhattan Central Park, with the vision of a modern community landscape of "prosperous outside, and tranquil inside", to create a modern ideal residence with high-rise buildings outside and lush hills inside. The extreme collision and combination of prosperity and tranquility provides a more comfortable lifestyle for the residents.