CIFI Rivers & Mountains, Chengdu, China

Firm LocationGuangzhou, China
CompanyGuangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectHu Sun
Design TeamHu Sun, Cuncao Liang, Xiaoquan Yuan, Zhuangzhuang Yan, Jiaxin Wang, Chengcheng Kong, Yibin Shen
ClientCIFI Group

Inspired by the time in memory, the project combined the local culture of Chengdu and the memory factors of Old Chengdu, such as running on the hillside, catching dragonflies, enjoying the shade of the big trees, etc., extracted elements such as water, stones, flowers, trees, forests and paths, used a concise and pure design language, arouse resonance and feel the pleasure of childhood memories. The project enriches the urban interface, promotes regional economic development, improves the value system, and provides a reference for the construction of the future living environment.