Landscape Design for Shaoxing Hotel Transformation and Expansion (Phase I)

Firm LocationHangzhou, China
Project locationShaoxing, Zhejiang, China
Lead ArchitectWu Weiling, Wang Jietao, Xu Conghua, Hu Huifeng
Design TeamZhang Chi, Tang Zerong, Zhu Jing, Ao Dandan, Yao Haiyan, He Ying, Wu Di, Lin Teng, Gu Jingxian, Huang Jingyi, Liu Qing
ClientShaoxing Hotel

Shaoxing Hotel lies at the foot of Fushan Mountain in Shaoxing. Fushan Mountain shows another kind of sceneries distinct from local typical water and lane symbols. The landscape design aims to respond to the site’s characteristics and show distinctive views unique to Shaoxing. The design team took the concept of “green plants and clear water”, drew on local features, and brought in the landscapes of Fushan Mountain. By doing these, the team realized the vision of creating a beautiful environment with luxuriant trees, elegant pine trees and intoxicating seasonal sceneries for Shaoxing Hotel.