PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
CompanyRoito Inc.
Design TeamRyohei Kanda
ClientRadia Inc.

RICCA is a bar, located at Kagurazaka. 
Even now, there are Japanese traditional
atmosphere and
alley in this town.
I created this design to express Japanese
aesthetic sense.
In Japan, there is cultural event is known as
which means “cherry blossom viewing”. This
unique event
is happened only in couples of week of early
Inspired by this moment, I designed this bar
with beauty,
glamorous, strength and fragility of Hanami.
To express Hanami’s impression, using a resin
hologram sheets with laser cut as fluttering
Hinging the hologram objects from the ceiling
and put the
light from both inside and outside. And also,
I create two
areas. One is lounge area that has atmosphere
glamorous and beauty, the other is private
karaoke room
area that has active side of Hanami, like
energy, strength
and more.
This is the design that modern-interpreted
traditional unique event “Hanami”.