PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationPalma De Mallorca, Spain
Design Team OHLAB team: Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver with Rebeca Lavín, Rosa Fuentes, Amaia Barazar, Manuela Sánchez, Silvia Morais, Luzia Butnariu, Amalia Stavropoulou, Sandra Wereszka
Project Videohttp://

The new concept store for In-sight is placed in the recently opened shopping mall “Brickell City Centre”, which is located in Downtown Miami, one of the booming areas of the city. In-sight is a commercial space for clothing (self-designed and multi-brand), accessories and design objects for clients looking for an exclusive range of products selected by a careful curatorial direction. The proposed space is an immersive experience, an interior tour through the ideas and concepts of In- sight. The binoculars, the logo of the brand composed by two interlaced circles, are the starting point of the interior design. Through the extrusion, translation and rotation of the logo, an imaginary volume is created. This volume perforates the 24 white panels placed in parallel along the store generating a geometric, dynamic and changing tunnel that fulfills the elongated store. At the end of the space, a graphic panel features a trompe d'oleil creating an illusion of continuity beyond the limits of the store.The gaps between the panels offer a wide range of possibilities of use, product exhibition, storage or sitting all perfectly integrated in the design. Throughout these strategies the visitor can live the experience of literally inhabiting the brand.