GoJuu Restaurant

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationLisbon, Portugal
Project Videohttp://

Located in Lisbon, the restaurant pays homage to chef Takashi Yoshitake passion for Japanese traditional gastronomy. Designed as an intimate and minimalist space intended as a club-restaurant and sake bar, it uses sliding panels and translucent fibre screens for flexibility and privacy. Simplicity in the use of diffused lighting and neutral colours of micro-cement floors, combine with natural materials, namely, the extensive use of walnut wood in tables tops and ceiling of wide planks. Green Bamboo marble counter tops, wall cladding and display shelving combines with show cooking areas in glazed handcrafted tiles and bronze glass mirrored partitions. The customized furniture is also in solid walnut with leather upholstery as well as the large central table and Japanese style floor chairs.