Forum Cinemas Interior in Kaunas

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design /
Firm LocationVilnius, Lithuania
CompanyAdo Lt
Lead ArchitectVirginijus Gerdvilis
Design Team Mantas Volbekas, Vytenis Girdvainis
ClientForum Cinemas, UAB

A seven-auditorium multiplex cinema interior project has been developed for the 3rd floor of the trade centre. The interior space is surrounded by thousands of LED lights. A radiant wave changes the scope of perception of the multiplex cinema interior space. The radiant wave begins on the 4th floor ceiling, slips down to the 3rd floor blind ceiling and, in the manner of uninterrupted geometry, continues its way towards the entry lounge of the multiplex cinema auditoriums. A multimedia stage on the radiant wave background meets spectators. Radiant furniture cheerily accompanies the ceiling composition. The large auditorium numbers plated with opaque glass plates meet spectators with various colour lights. Space lighting and moods are formed by interior elements that boast both a practical utility function and a spatial symbolic idea. The walls and the cinema furniture are black, providing a special background to the blinking colours of the trade space. All of this together forms the specific identity of the multiplex cinema and contrasts it with the shops of the trade centre.