Thunder Valley Climate Change Resilient Housing

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Green architecture
Firm LocationBoulder, United States
CompanyPyatt Studio
Lead ArchitectPyatt Studio
Design TeamNick Tilsen, Thunder Valley CDC Executive Director Michael Bertin: Designer & Architect of Record. Rob Pyatt: Designer & Project Director Heather Kahn-Pyatt: Designer & Art Director Janna Ferguson: Designer & Project Manager Chris O'Hara: Designer & Structural Engineer Kari Rogne: Designer & Structural Engineer Will Babbington: Designer & Fascade Consultant Max Nuttleman: Designer & Mechanical Engineer & Energy Modeling Dana Foreman, PEm Designer & Civil Engineer
ClientThunder Valley Community Development Corp.

Thunder Valley CDC is building a regenerative community on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Porcupine, South Dakota. This community development includes 21 climate change resilient homes designed by Pyatt Studio through a community-led process that resulted in the "Thunder Valley Tiospaye Zero Energy Model Home," and the "Thunder Valley Tiospaye Model Pocket Neighborhood Site Plan." The overall goal of the Thunder Valley Regenerative Community is to create a sustainable and interconnected community that provides better housing, places for businesses to thrive, and a supportive environment for youth, elderly and families. The community is envisioned as a living laboratory to build job skills, knowledge, and capacity for residents on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to own homes and businesses.