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DISCOVERY. The Knight Campus is the first laboratory in the United States to be built partially with mass timber designed to accelerate the cycle of moving discoveries to impacts for the greater good. SENSORIUM. An Oregon model for sustainable development

The Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact (KCASI)

Firm LocationPortland, United States
Lead ArchitectMauricio Villarreal

With a commitment of creating a hub of innovation and collaboration, the Knight Center for Accelerating Scientific Impact launches the University into a bold new direction of scientific discovery. Set along the south bank of the restored Millrace corridor, the landscape plays a pivotal role in supporting the alliance of science education, research, and entrepreneurship with a series of dynamic gathering spaces climb up from the water’s edge up to the building’s terrace. The site is a functional platform for the campus’ circulation, ecology, education, and a critical link to Willamette River.